[ENG] Sharing is Carrying – The Greenpeace Clothes-Swapping-Backpack

[ENG] Sharing is Carrying – The Greenpeace Clothes-Swapping-Backpack

Hello dear people interested in our Clothes-Swapping-Backpack,

good to have you here! ?

Since we didn’t want to let the pandemic spoil the fun of swapping clothes, we came up with a great, corona-compliant alternative to the clothes-swapping-party: The Greenpeace Clothes-Swapping-Backpack.

After a first internal trial phase we would now like to send three backpacks  filled with clothes on their journey through Berlin in March 2022 and make participants happy because SHARING IS CARRYING ?

Below you will find some important information about the concept and process of the Greenpeace Clothes-Swapping-Backpack.

FAQ – The Greenpeace Clothes-Swapping-Backpack

How does the clothing exchange work?

The principle is simple: backpacks in different size categories (XS-XL) are packed with 15 great second hand clothes and distributed to you. The route that the backpack will take will be planned beforehand according to your addresses as practically as possible. When you receive the backpack, it’s your turn to look through the clothes, take what you like and put just as many pieces back in. There should always be 15 pieces of clothing in the backpack!

How does the exchange take place?

You independently contact the participant following you in the „clothing exchange chain“ to coordinate a transfer meeting point. You will receive the contact details of the participant via e-mail. The time when you will receive the backpack depends on your position in the clothing chain. So you would have to wait a maximum of about 3 weeks for the backpack.

How long can I keep the package at my place?

The backpack should not stay with you for more than three days.

What kind of clothes can I find in a backpack?

Each backpack always covers several sizes which we adjust according to the demand we evaluated depending on the registrations. In the backpack you will find all kinds of clothes in good condition from tops to pants. Smaller items such as scarves and hats are of course also allowed.



Can I participate in more than one clothing exchange chain?

In order to guarantee as many possible participants as possible (also depending on our capacities) it is not intended to participate in more than one.

How do I register?

Register with your details until the 16th of February via and be a part of it! The registration is binding. The start of the swap will be on 05 March.

To participate, we need the following information from you:

  • Which sizes do you want / need?
  • Are you looking for more feminine or masculine clothes?
  • Are you maybe looking for a specific type of clothing?
  • For the exchange of the backpack we need your phone number and your address. (We will of course not use your information for anything else, only give it out to the person before you so they can contact you and we will not save your information after it is over.)

The only condition for your participation is that you live in Berlin so the backpack doesn’t have to travel too much.

I’m not here for the time period I’ve been assigned. Can I still participate?

If you are not in Berlin during the period your backpack swap chain should be arranged you are welcome to contact us. We will do our best to make it possible for you to participate in an individual arrangement.

I am having trouble reaching the person following me in the chain. What now?

Please contact us and we will mediate.

I have not been contacted in my time period. What do I do now?

Please let us know as soon as possible.

The agriculture group of Greenpeace Berlin is looking forward to your registration!

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